Kali ini..entry Bunga ditujukan khas untuk ex-housemate Bunga, Karla. Karla ni orang Chile, duduk bersama ahlul bait Nurul Jannah (House 19) selama sebulan lebih (ke dua bulan..lebih kurang la).

Seminggu ni, kerap pula Bunga berchating dengan Karla ni. Seronok dapat berhubung dengan dia, walaupun dia jauh..tetapi dia punya ruang di hati Bunga..

Bila ber’chating’ dengan Karla hari tu, Bunga terasa mahu berkongsi perasaan Bunga bila bersama dia dulu. Dan Bunga bagitahu dia..dia sangat teruja! Dia beriya nak tahu apa yang Bunga nak tulis untuk dia!

InsyaAllah..Karla berhati lembut..itu Bunga yakin..doakan bersama agar hatinya menjadi hati terpilih untuk menerima Islam..dan sesungguhnya hidayah itu milik Allah..semoga Karla peroleh sesuatu daripada penulisan Bunga ni..


Dear Karla, this is specially dedicated for you dear..I wish to share the sweet moments of having you staying in House 19! You know, Allah the Most Merciful and Powerful had planned the best for us..He allows us to meet..He allows us to know each other.. He allows us to create and develop ‘ukhwah’ (relationship)..which I believe will last forever..insyaAllah (if Allah allows it to happen)


When Sue (our cleaner) told us (me,Maryam, and Iman) about your coming, I wonder...

“Is she ok? Will she be ok to stay with us? What if she can’t accept us..our practices..? What should we do to make her comfortable?”

Yes..that were what came across to my mind..and that night..we first met..

I still remember..right after Maghrib prayer, we heard voices..

“Maybe that’s Karla! Let’s meet her!”

Hihi...but you were faster than us..you made the initiative to come to my room..and greet us..with your smile and warm greetings..honestly, it touched my heart..really..

Then..we ate together..hey, I cooked the TomYam (the one that Fernanda said SO SPICY..hihi..) with love! Yup..I really want you to feel good staying with us..I really want to!

..and that night, we shared stories..we had the ‘ta’ruf’ session (ice breaking)..knowing each others’ name, background info..even I can’t remember all (hehe..bear with me), but I started to develop a good feeling on you. Seriously, I feel good to have you as my new housemate! Yeayy!


I learned few things about you, Karla. You will do something that you are sure with! Am I right? Just say ‘Yes’..

..and it is really parallel with what Allah the Creator and the All-Knowing:

“And do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge. Indeed, the hearing, the sight and the heart - about all those [one] will be questioned”


I impressed with you, dear! Seriously, you are so good in your actions! You don’t believe me? Let me explain..

You still remember..your FRIEND really LOVE to visit our house. Hey, I’m worried about you! Yup..I didn’t tell you that but you know..I love you, friend! I don’t want anything bad happen to you. When a man and a sweet girl like you..together in one room..can you imagine that? What would happen..?Oh really..bad things are highly possible to happen!

“And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way”


..and then when we asked you about that..you told us..

“Don’t worry..there is nothing happen”

See.. how God saved you..how God loves you..ALHAMDULILLAH (Praise be to God)..and I hope God will always protect you..


We were together in class..learning about Literature with Lesley..and you taught us several Spanish words! And I only remember ‘GRACIAS’! hehehe...I’m bad in memorizing foreign words..sorry dear!

..but the most memorable moment in class..that still in my mind until now..was when we were discussing about a poem..which related to the topic ‘DEATH’!

One of our friends said:

‘Death changes the mood..it makes us sad..’

..and I did respond to her. I said that there is nothing to be sad..to be afraid..about death..

As for me, DEATH is a must for every mankind. And that is really true. Nobody will stay alive forever..there would be a full stop for them..for us!

From Islamic point of view, death has become an excellent motivation for great Mukmins (people who really believe and have faith in God). This is the entrance for Muslim to the immortal stage..where we can meet our God (Allah the Most Merciful and the Forgiving)..the one we love most..the one who has give so much pleasure and bliss..obviously, DEATH can be great motivation for us.

..and then, you say something..honestly, I can’t remember exactly your words..but it showed how neutral you are..you were saying with thinking..and I did smile..yes I am..


..and now..you are not with us anymore..

..no one will greet us excitedly in the morning..

..no one will wash our dishes (hey..thanks a lot..we didn’t ask you but you are so kind to do that..love you for that too..hihi)

..no one in the room now..our house is quite now..no one is laughing happily..


Hey..I know I didn’t talk much with you when you were with us..I didn’t share so much with you..huhu..and now I regret that..

But I want you to know..I always pray for you..hope you will be fine..wherever you are..

..how I wish I could call you ‘sister’ one day..

..how I wish I can see you wearing scarf or hijab one day..

“And whoever Allah guides - he is the [rightly] guided; and whoever He sends astray - you will never find for them protectors besides Him..”


We miss you..I miss you..

p/s: wahai teman-teman Bunga kerana Allah..sama-sama doakan sahabat Bunga ini..semoga Allah beri petunjuk pada beliau..


~NURUL~ said...

Salam. Its really nice to have a chance to feel what u have for karla. Its sure is a great love bunga! I pray for her that she will become a part of us in a journey to get Allah bless. Amin

Ummu Anas said...

Subhanallah!. Anakda Bunga.., sgt2 ummi tersentuh luahan trhadap Karla tu...Alhamdulillah anakda bunga berjaya mencuri masa dlm kesibukan mu menerapkan kebenaran utk hamba Allah itu. Teruskan bunga...hingga kasih Karla trtaut kpd Yg Empunya Kasih. kita hamabNya mesti terus menerus berusaha ke arah kerja2 semulia itu.

Seri Bunga said...

..yeah..its nice to have that feelin..we want and wish to enter the the PARADISE..so we have to invite and bring together people around us..mengajak kearah syurga Allah..redha Allah perlu kite peroleh..jd,sme2 tolong..sme2 beri peringatan..insyaAllah..

ummi!Allahuakhbar..betapa bunga rndu ummi..memang teringat ummi sepanjang arini.

insyaAllah..dakwah ini akan berterusan..walaupun ilmu bunga teramat la cetek,yg cetek ini akan bunga kongsikan dgn kecintaan bunga..ummi juga mjadi inspirasi bunga tau!bunga nk jd mcm ummi..berjiwa muda,tak penat dan tak jemu berdakwah,mendekati mnusia lain..mengajak ke arah redha Allah..sme2 doakan karla..semoga atinya diberi kelembutan..semoga hidayah Allah beri pada Dia..

Anonymous said...

Oh my god!!
It is so beautiful what u have written here, Hana, i feel so happy now.
It was wonderful to live in house 19 with u all, and share life. U cannot imagine how much i learnt from you and i hope u could learn something from me hehe i cannot think of something ppl could learn from me apart from Spanish hahaha but u never know.

I am very neutral sometimes, u r so right about that... it must be because i am openminded and relaxed when it comes to respect other people's point of view, and u were no exception to my rule, all the malaysian course i mean, all so kind and nice, i could not believe it.
Maybe we didnt talk much, but my soul felt so at ease in house 19, i think there are things that go beyond language, dear, and that is our heart!
Thanks so much for preparing that food for me and the other chileans, i enjoyed it a lot, i could taste the kindness in it, honest!
There will another opportunity to meet, im sure, a friend once told me that people meet at least twice in time, so we have to go for the second one!
thanks so much for praying for me, i appreciate it deeply!
And these words have touched my heart, Hana, thank so much for that, i am endlessly grateful!!!
send u a lot of hugs and kisses from Chile.


Ummu Anas said...

Hello karla!
..luv from beyond..!

nice to meet, to see n to feel your sicere heart...here, in this blog,now

*we..being created by The Great Creater!
with love, and we're giving love by our loving heart..

may He bless u on ur way,...forever!

Seri Bunga said...


oh dear karla..im not that good in expressing my feelin..but honestly, I do love u..i do care for u..because u r my friend. I wish we could me some times in future.if not in england, maybe in malaysia..hey,maybe in chile if Allah let me to da that! im so excited..in future, i'll write in english again..so that u can read mine. hey!u should have one!then tell me ur url ya!my friends also wanna read yours..ur thought must be great!

karla is such a good girl.she is very kind..happy go lucky..saying with deep thinking..let us pray for her..

karla said...

thanks a lot Girls!!!
I am working on my blog!!
be careful because I write odd things, u know hahahaha

I send a lot of kisses for u all from Chile
and I hope u can come one day, Hana, anyway I will go to Malasya to meet you hahaha it would be so interesting to see ur country and ou again!!!